Here at Hyndburn Heritage Museum we welcome visitors of all ages and interests during opening times. We particularly welcome group visits from local schools.

All group visits of 10 or more are self-led and will always need to be booked in advance.

For groups of 20 or more, we ask that you split your group to avoid overcrowding in the Museum.


For more information please contact us by e.mail at


Hyndburn Heritage and Community Group




At the Hyndburn Heritage Museum, visitors shall not:

  • touch any objects, unless this is specifically allowed, step or lean over exhibits or display cases;

  • consume any food or drink within the premise;

  • take any photographs or record any video footage if this involves the use of lamps, flash equipment and/or tripod without prior consent. Photography for personal use is allowed but may not be used for commercial purposes;

  • bring animals or pets into the Museum, except Seeing Eye or Guide Dogs;

  • cause hindrance to any of the other visitors, including but not limited to, prolonged obstruction of the view of exhibited objects or causing noise;

  • Chaperones, teachers or parents are at all times responsible and answerable for the behaviour of the minors, individuals or groups they bring or are supervising.

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult and be supervised at all times.

Museum visitors must comply with all volunteer staff directions, relevant health and safety notices and announcements made available to them.


Loss or damage

Visitors acknowledge and voluntarily assume full responsibility for, and full risk of, personal property and/or possessions damage or loss, relating to their participation in the visit to Hyndburn Heritage Museum.

Visitors further agree to hold harmless and indemnify Hyndburn Heritage Museum against any liability arising from their negligence or otherwise, and from damages of any kind or loss or destruction caused by them to any part of the Museum or any of its contents, or for any injury caused to any of Hyndburn Heritage Museums’ volunteer staff as a result of their participation in visiting Hyndburn Heritage Museum.

Except in respect of death or personal injury caused by Hyndburn Heritage Museums’ negligence or any other liability that cannot, as a matter of law, be excluded or limited:

  • Hyndburn Heritage Museum excludes its liability for any loss, damage, cost or expense suffered by visitors as a result of their tour;

  • Hyndburn Heritage Museum shall not be liable for any events outside its reasonable control.


Self-guided group visits

All group visits are deemed to be self-guided although volunteer staff are on hand to answer any questions. The Museum needs to be notified of all self-guided group visits of more than 10 visitors. Please note that persons responsible for school group visits need to undertake a risk assessment of the Museum and its’ facilities prior to their visit.

Visiting the Museum or making a booking for a self-guided group visit is free of charge.

For visitors’ own safety, the maximum group size is 20. Larger groups must be split into separate groups with individual group leaders. Groups of more than 20 cannot move around the Museum together.

Self-guided group visits are not classed as guided tours, and parties are not entitled to a bespoke tour and guide provided by the Museum.

The length of the self-guided tour group visit is subject to the Museums’ opening and closing times. 

The use of loudspeakers, microphones or voice amplifiers is not allowed when leading self-guided group visits.

In the case of a fire or emergency evacuation, visitors on a self-guided group visit must use the nearest fire exit and follow instructions from Museums' volunteer staff.



Hyndburn Heritage Museum does not have any cloakroom or luggage storage facilities available.

There are no toilets available for visitors inside the Museum. The nearest Public Toilets are approx. 50 metres away within the Arndale Centre Car Park.


Behaviour, safety and security

Hyndburn Heritage Museum reserves the right to refuse admission or to remove visitors from the premises, if they fail to follow and comply with any and all instructions given by volunteer staff or if it deems it reasonable to do so by its’ sole discretion.


The Museum is staffed entirely by volunteers. All donations for your visit are gratefully received and ensure the continuation and upkeep of the Museum.